Promote links between housing, care and pensions

The WRR Investigation Op maat voor later. Maatschappelijke initiatieven op de snijvlakken van wonen, zorg en pensioenen (‘Tailor-made for later. Social initiatives at the interface of housing, care and pensions’) describes a large number of innovative forms of funding, service delivery and organisation at the interface of housing, care and pensions.

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SCP and WRR: ‘Uncomfortable’ opposition across the 'educational divide'

There is a sociocultural opposition in the Netherlands between people with high and low education levels. This is expressed politically in highly divergent opinions on sensitive issues such as migrants, the EU and politics in general. It also manifests itself in social distance. The two groups live in separate social networks and have different cultural tastes. The opposition between those with a low and high education level can lead to a sense of discomfiture, and there is a real risk of the two groups shunning each other.