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Presentation of WRR Report: Big Data in a Free and Secure Society

Presentation of WRR Report: Big Data in a Free and Secure Society

The use of Big Data in the security domain demands new frameworks. That is the conclusion of the WRR in its new report ‘Big Data in a Free and Secure Society’ (Big Data in een vrije en veilige samenleving) which was presented to the Dutch Minister of Security and Justice, Ard van der Steur, in The Hague on Thursday, 28 April.

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The public core of the internet

The public core of the Internet

WRR Report no. 94 De publieke kern van het internet (The public core of the Internet) is now available in English. The Internet’s key protocols and infrastructure can be considered a global public good that provides benefits to everyone in the world.

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Towards a Food Policy

Towards a Food Policy

The world of food is facing three important challenges: ecological sustainability, public health and robustness. The food system has changed remarkably. A more volatile environment can be expected. The WRR - an important think-tank for the Dutch government – argues that these challenges and the changed circumstances of food production necessitate an adjustment of current agricultural policies.

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Work in progress
To the agenda-item: WRR Lecture 2016 Living on the edge

WRR Lecture 2016 Living on the edge

Keynotespeaker: prof. Martin McKee

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To newsitem: Government is overestimating financial resilience of citizens

WRR Investigation on Problem Debts

Problem debts arise in part because the government is too optimistic about the financial resilience of citizens. This is one of the findings in the WRR Investigation ‘Own fault? A behavioural science perspective on problem debts’ (Eigen schuld? Een gedragswetenschappelijk perspectief op problematische schulden) which was presented on 30 June 2016.

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To the publication: Mastering the Robot. The Future of Work in the Second Machine Age

Mastering the Robot

In this publication, technology experts, economists and other researchers consider what robotisation and digitisation mean for the future of work. Some jobs will disappear, new jobs will be created, and the nature of much of our work will change. But robotisation takes much more time and effort than many assume.

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