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Link to the press release: Presentation of WRR report Towards a food policy

Towards a food policy

The Council presented its new report, ‘Towards a food policy’ (Naar een voedselbeleid) to the State Secretary for Economic Affairs on 2 October 2014.

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More attention for pressure of choice

The central question addressed in the new WRR Report ‘ Policymaking using Behavioural Expertise’ (Met kennis van gedrag beleid maken) is concerned with the relevance of behavioural insights for government policy. This topic has attracted a great deal of interest in recent years.

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Promote links between housing, care and pensions

The WRR Investigation Op maat voor later. Maatschappelijke initiatieven op de snijvlakken van wonen, zorg en pensioenen (‘Tailor-made for later. Social initiatives at the interface of housing, care and pensions’) describes a large number of innovative forms of funding, service delivery and organisation at the interface of housing, care and pensions.

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Work in progress
WRR-Lecture 2014: The future of globalization

WRR-Lecture 2014: The future of globalization

Joseph E. Stiglitz, Nobel Prizewinner and Professor of Economics at Columbia University, spoke about the future of globalisation.

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The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) is an independent advisory body for the Dutch government.

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Making Romanian and Bulgarian Migration Work in The Netherlands

Now that the Dutch labour market has been thrown open to Romanian and Bulgarian workers, the justifiable concerns that have arisen concerning European labour migation need to be addressed, as do the untapped opportunities

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