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The public core of the Internet

The public core of the Internet

WRR Report no. 94 De publieke kern van het internet (The public core of the Internet) is now available in English.

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Towards a food policy

The world of food is facing three important challenges: ecological sustainability, public health and robustness. The food system has changed remarkably. A more volatile environment can be expected. The WRR - an important think-tank for the Dutch government – argues that these challenges and the changed circumstances of food production necessitate an adjustment of current agricultural policies.

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Promote links between housing, care and pensions

The WRR Investigation Op maat voor later. Maatschappelijke initiatieven op de snijvlakken van wonen, zorg en pensioenen (‘Tailor-made for later. Social initiatives at the interface of housing, care and pensions’) describes a large number of innovative forms of funding, service delivery and organisation at the interface of housing, care and pensions.

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About the Netherlands Scientiffic Council for Government Policy

The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) is an independent advisory body for the Dutch government.

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